Master Gardeners of Whitley County

The Whitley County program is affiliated with Purdue University, the Indiana land grant university. Those enrolling in the program get the initial training through a thirteen week course. There's about 70 active members in the Whitley County Master Gardener program.

The club meets on the first Thursday evening of each month for a 6:30 business session. At every MG meeting we present an educational session that is open to the public. The educational session starts at 7:15. The topics are garden related and the speakers and topic for each month are on our event calendar page (hover on More in the upper right.) Please join and learn more about gardening!

Whitley County Grant Program 2019

The Whitley County Master Gardeners are offering up to $500 for projects that encourage gardening and/or environmental improvement activities. The applicants need to be not for profit, or have a not for profit sponsor. For example, this could include schools, scouts, 4H, or libraries in Whitley County.

The application form needs to be completed and turned in to the Whitley County Extension Office or completed, scanned and e-mailed to by October 30, 2019. The approved grant/grants will be awarded by the end of 2019.

Clearly state the connection between your organization and the education plan you are proposing. Define the objective of the project along with a reasonable time line. Grant recipients are expected to report on the results of their activity.

Come join us!! Watch the short video below to find how you can become a Master Gardener...