Master Gardeners of Whitley County

The Whitley County program is affiliated with Purdue University, the Indiana land grant university. Those enrolling in the program get the initial training through a thirteen week course. There's about 70 active members in the Whitley County Master Gardener program.

The club meets on the first Thursday evening of each month for a 6:30 business session. At every MG meeting we present an educational session that is open to the public. The educational session starts at 7:15. The topics are garden related and the speakers and topic for each month are on our event calendar page. Please join us and learn more about gardening!


Come join us in February for our annual symposium!!!

On February 22nd, 2020 at Indian Springs Middle School we will host our 7th symposium. The topics for our talk this year are all about creating an inviting outdoor space for entertaining with friends and family. We will talk about designing your space, we'll share some garden party recipes with fresh ingredients ( include some samples to taste) and we will share a creative project for adding DIY lighting that you can make and take home!

Click the link below to download and print out the registration brochure!

2020 Symposium Registration

Purdue Extension Whitley County Master Gardeners 2019 Grant Awards

The mission of the Purdue Extension Whitley County Master Gardeners is to positively impact our community by educating on good gardening practices. This includes education on environmental practices that benefit our community. To accomplish this goal, the group decided to offer grant money to enable and encourage projects that would allow organizations to be innovators in gardening practices, a well as impact the beauty of our communities. The grant opportunities were for Whitley County not for profit organizations or groups. This is the first year that the Purdue Extension Whitley County Master Gardeners have offered this grant money.

The Purdue Extension Whitley County Master Gardeners are pleased to acknowledge they have awarded grant money to two organizations for 2020. The first is the Columbia City High School Spanish IV class. They will be implementing a “traveling gardens” program. The students will research, design and construct small, portable, decorative table-top gardens that will travel to different community locations over the course of ten weeks. The students will post bi-lingual educational information about the gardens and plants. The students will design a take-away bookmark which includes information on plant facts, plant climate, plant uses and recipes.

The second grant award is going to the Peabody Public Library to assist in funding connecting people and nature. With the library’s fifteen-acre wetland they are always looking for ways to expand their use and teaching of the community. They plan to add a pollinator garden and will be working with children to start the seeds and educate them on the importance of pollination. They also will be using the ingredients from the garden for cooking programs and nature walks. It is their hope to add a solar fountain to attract hummingbirds, a composter and a wagon.

The Purdue Extension Whitley County Master Gardeners are delighted to award these grants to these two organizations and look forward to seeing these projects be completed in our community.

To submit a grant application for 2020, please click on the "Resources" tab above. Our grant application can be found on this page.

Come join us!! Watch the short video below to find how you can become a Master Gardener...