• Sept. 17th 2022- MG plant sale @Woodlands Senior Center. 9:00am- 3:00PM

"Get Your Hands Dirty"

The Noble county Master Gardeners are hosting a series of classes on Garden Planning, Planting Harvest and Year end care. Registration for the class is required and the cost is $25.00

Classes will be April 28th, may 12th, Sept, 8th and Sept, 22nd, 2022

Register at:

March Gardening chores:

Indoor plants and activities

  • Apply Fertilizer to house plants according to label directions

  • Remove spent leaves

  • Start seeds indoors for cool season plants to be tranplanted outdoors later in May.

Woody Landscape plants and fruit trees

  • Prune trees and shrubs while still doramnt

  • Fertilize woody plants before new growth begins

  • Remove winter coverings from roses as soon as new growth begins, but keep mulch handy for dips in temperature. Prune any winter damage.

  • Apply a domant oil spry to control scale insects when leaves begin to protrude from buds

  • Remove any over winter tree wrap from tree trunks

Flowers vegetables and small fruits

  • Prepare garden soil for planting, but make sure it is dry enugh to work. Soil should cruble when squeezed. If it forms a ball, it is too wet!

  • Soil test if needed and fertilize for amendments and pH depending on results

  • Get ready to sew warm season seeds indoors in April. Buy seeds, starting mix and grow trays or pots, then just wait for April 1st.

  • Watch for blooms of early spring bulbs ( daffoldils, squill, crocus, dwarf iris and snowdrops.). Send Kim pictures for the website!

  • Remove old Asparagus and Rhubarb tops. Side dress with compost or manure.

WC MG meetings are held the first Thursday of every month at Woodland Sentior Center for the remainer of 2022