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Bios for our 2024 Symposium speaker.  Outlines of each presentation are below as well.

FUNNY. These are just a few words used to describe Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp. As “The Hoosier Gardener,” JoEllen travels the United States, presenting a diverse array of topics to experienced and novice gardeners, new homeowners, and curious individuals. She is longtime, self-identified hort-a-holic known for her practical, down-to-earth advice and humorous delivery. “My eyes are too big for my yard,” she says. “You just can’t ever have enough plants.”

Outlines for Presentations

Click on the pop out button in upper right corner of image below to open in a new window.  Outline can then be printed if a hardcopy is desired.

Meyers Sharp container planting tips 2024.pdf

Container Gardening of all Types


JoEllen Myers Sharp

Cutler-presentation Outline.pdf

“It’s Only Natural:Backyard Habitat and Native Gardening 101”


Mary Cutler

Clayton Native Extension Outline .pdf

“Back for the Future” Native Plantings for Water Quality


Brad Clayton

Woodmansee MG Invasive Species - Plants Outline.pdf

“Invasive Species”


John Woodmansee

Jewell Hydrangeas Outline 2024.pdf

"Hydrangeas, Beautiful but frustrating"


Kim Jewell